Self service Spark processing for BI & AI

Sparktify - The only self-service Spark processing platform for BI Analysts & Data Scientists.


Sparktify is deployed where Big Data processing meets data driven enterprises. Enterprise Big Data integration for BI / AI mostly requires Big Data preparation that includes data cleansing, data transformations and applying enterprise's internal business logic.

According to recent surveys 80% of the efforts involved with Big Data analytics is actually not in the data visualization, but rather in KPI (Key Performance Indicators) mining. KPI mining is the process of extracting Big Data from the Data Lake, cleansing the data, transforming and joining the Big Data mostly with additional enterprise databases and eventually load the KPIs to a repository. Eventually the KPI repository is used by the visualization application uses in order to be able to produce meaningful insights and reports.

Apache Spark has become a market leader with a state of art technology for Big Data KPI mining. However Spark's complexity results significant scaling issues while trying to deploy the KPI mining to all the enterprise departments

Sparktify is the only self-service full Spark platform for KPI mining -  Data lake to Data Warehouse enterprise data integration. Sparktify enables the BI Analysts and Data Scientists deploy KPI mining using their own skills.